Regional 2018

Here at Enactus Essex, we work for the benefit of others. Changing lives for people that are less fortunate than us from all over the world. We have 2 home based projects and 3 international, as a way to showcase our progress we must present our results in a presentation format before judges, usually CEO’s of major corporations such as EY, Amazon UK, KellyOCG, KPMG the list goes on. The university with the most impact goes on to win a grand total of $90,000 that will help their current projects become even more sustainable.

Our Journey

On Wednesday 15th March, the Enactus Essex team headed down to the CapitalOne building to take part in the regional competition.


As soon as we got there it was GAME TIME

The judges know Enactus Essex as a society that always shows ‘charisma and passion’, whilst presenting (not to mention their loudness). After we presented, the judges told us how much they loved our presentation and gave us constructive criticism in order to move forward.