Take Me Out is an annual event that Enactus Essex host every year in the run-up to valentines day. This event is our biggest fundraiser, which directly funds the 5 projects that we are currently operating. With your added help we are now able to maintain and develop a better relationship with our project partners and most importantly beneficiaries. Here are the photos from Take Me Out 2018.









The Panelists 



With guest host, comedian, Aurie Style to the wild card, Tarm, the night was filled with laughs and entertainment. We’re proud to say we received a large number of proceeds that will all be going to the five projects we, at Enactus Essex, have been working on to better the world. So on behalf of all of us, we thank all of you that came to support us and we hope you enjoyed the show.

Till next year!

Enactus Essex

*disclaimer: all images belong to the ‘Marketing’ department of Enactus Essex
Photographers: KK, Felicia, Thuvarahaa